The v2track hybrid Sat/Cell GPS tracking system provides a wide range of market leading communication features that are used in conjunction with the tracker inside the aircraft/vehicle.  The system has been designed with utmost flexibility which allows v2track to easily customise components to suit your particular requirements.

Some of the v2track Advanced Message & EFB features include:

  • Advanced two way Messaging
  • Transmission of Destination and Waypoint Information
  • Transmission of Pilot/Driver/Operator and other trip information
  • Create and submit electronic Flight Manifest, Weight & Balance and other custom forms back to base.  The custom forms can be fully customised for your exact requirements/work flow and are hosted inside the v2Connect app.
  • Interactive Checklist
  • Request the current position of other assets in your fleet
  • v2Connect API

Communication Options

There are multiple ways you can connect to our Hybrid v2track hardware to take advantage of these communication features listed on this page:

  • v2Connect, our iPad, Android and Windows 8.1/10 tablet app connecting via Bluetooth
  • Your own custom app, connecting via Bluetooth or RS232 and using the v2Connect API
  • Wired connection – USB LCD Screen (readable in full sun) with optional USB QWERTY keypad
keyboard & screen
v2connectmain1  v2connectphoneformat-small
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Advanced Messaging

v2track has an advanced 2-way messaging system that allows you to communicate via Cellular and Satellite data to someones mobile phone (SMS), email address, directly to another tracker or to the v2track Viewerwebsite.  These messages are threaded so you can keep track of different conversations and know which message someone is replying to.

v2track Messaging is proving to be a more than suitable replacement for satellite phones for many of our customers as they can better manage their remote communications without ‘bill shock’ and it doesn’t involve someone finding a clearing to stand in to get good signal since the tracker requirements to TX and RX messages via its satellite link are less demanding.

Due to bad atmospheric conditions, or interference from international chatter, aviation and ground users often battle to get messages through via HF radio.  Many end up using v2track for all essential communications as there is no risk of a message being hard to decipher and action correctly.


Set Destination / Next Waypoint

v2track’s Set Destination/Next Waypoint feature allows you to set where you are going when you start a flight or journey.  This information is transmitted and displayed on v2track Viewer your flight following/dispatch staff on our v2track viewer website.  Using your current position and ground speed it automatically calculates and shows your ETA, EET and Distance giving your ground staff instant access to arrival estimates.  This is also useful in monitoring an aircraft diverting around weather as at a glance you can see where they are trying to get to.

This destination is set automatically when you lodge a ‘Flight Manifest’ (see below), have your v2track Hardware connected into your aircraft GPS, or have your asset linked to Flightaware (IFR Flights) or other 3rd-party providers such as Takeflite.


Pilot / Driver / Operator

v2track provides the ability for pilots, drivers or operators to set who is actually in control of the asset for a particular flight or trip.  This is displayed on the LCD screen and tablet app and can be updated at any time.  If set, this is shown in live tracking on the v2track Viewer website, and is also recorded against the history for that asset for later analysis.

Ground staff can also set this via the website and it is synchronised back to the tracking hardware for display on the LCD or tablet app.  As it is likely that the same person will be in control of the asset for a day or longer, you only need to change this setting when the operator changes.  By default, subsequent trips will use the last person set.

The Pilot is set automatically when you lodge a ‘Flight Manifest’ (see below).

Fleet Positions

  • Aviation – Have you ever landed somewhere remote and wanted to know where another company aircraft is?  You can’t seem to reach them on the radio and their passengers on the ground want to know when they will be arriving?  Alternatively their SAR Time could have expired and flight services are asking you where they might be.
  • Vehicles – Perhaps you have broken down in a remote place.  You have been communicating with another company vehicle via v2track Messaging and it is coming to rescue you and/or bring spare parts.  They are slightly overdue but don’t want to keep bothering them by asking them how far away they are.

With v2track’s Request Fleet Position feature you can easily send a system message to the v2track server to request the most recent position of a particular asset in your fleet.  This information is returned to you (via Cellular or Satellite data) and will be displayed on your LCD screen or tablet app as text in an informative and easy to read panel.  For tablets app’s we will shortly be displaying this on a basic map so you can see their last known position relative to your own position and company waypoints and airstrip markers.

How useful could that be when you really need it one day?!


Custom Forms / Flight Manifest

Our tablet apps provide the ability to submit details to be logged alongside trip data on our servers.   The most popular use of this is our flight manifest.   The pilot can ensure details such as their Name, Call-sign, Planned Altitude, Departure Point, Destination, POB, Fuel Load, Take off Weight and Centre of Gravity position/arm is lodged with the v2track servers before takeoff.   This provides enhanced flight information for staff monitoring the flights remotely, as well a great record to have recorded against the raw positioning data on the servers – especially in an emergency situation.   We are working towards the option of having passenger and freight names and weights listed as well.   For some of our customers this could be a complete replacement for the paper flight manifests, if approved for their particular organisation with their local Aviation Authority.

Using the same technology as the Flight Manifest we can create custom forms for the tablet apps that allow you to record job / dispatch / manifest / consignment information for ground fleet.

If you have programmers on staff then you are welcome to use the v2Connect API (below) to create your own custom manifest as part of a complete Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution.  We also have an HTML5 version of the app which can be used as a code base for your programmers to add their own functionality using our API.

v2track can customise the fields that can be lodged via this manifest function on our tablet apps.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we can discuss this further.


Interactive Checklist

For those wishing to do away with paper in their aircraft or vehicle, v2Connect offers an Interactive Checklist.

The entries for this are set up on the v2track Viewer website and are syncronised back to each vehicle or aircraft tablet via the v2track system. As various checklists are completed, this is logged on the v2track device and transmitted back with the tracking information so the end user can see exactly when a particular checklist was completed successfully. The v2Connect user can see which checklists have been partially or fully completed by a quick reference graphic on the v2Connect home screen.

How awesome is that!?


v2Connect API

v2track has created an open messaging API (Application Programming Interface) for its v2track Sat/Cell Hardware.  This allows v2track users or their 3rd party software developers to integrate their own phone and tablet apps (iPad, Android and Windows) with their v2track tracking hardware out in the field via Bluetooth or direct RS232 serial link. v2track can supply full API documentation and an HTML5 example template suitable for use as a starting point for building an app.

In the development of the API we have worked closely with some of our long term clients to open up the interface to allow them to connect to our device to send and receive the information they require.

One such client operates aircraft over remote jungles in South East Asia.  They have developed a company specific iPad EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for their pilots for flight planning, performance calculations and passenger manifests.  The v2Connect API has given them a way to send this data back through the v2track system before takeoff from a remote airstrip.  Operations staff can now monitor the fuel, passenger numbers, weight, balance and destination of the flights as they progress, all sent from their own fully fledged EFB mobile application.

API Code

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