A truly Global Asset Tracking System.

v2track’s unique hybrid iridium and cellular tracking system has you covered whether you are in town or a thousand miles from nowhere. Welcome to our website. We hope you will explore just how smart a truly global asset tracking system can be. v2track has proven itself in the air, on the water, around town and in the outback. We know we can offer you a reliable system to keep your asset movements at your fingertips.  Contact us now to find out how. 

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"I’m enjoying using the v2track when I fly. It is effortless on my part as a pilot, and [their company Electronic Flight Bag iPad App] allows us to send flight plans and messages which is a nice bonus too!"

   - Indonesian Aviation User

"We are so pleased with the system and your service."

   - Indonesian Aviation User

"[v2track] reports every 15 seconds which I consider MUCH safer"

   - Aircraft Owner, Australia (comparing other tracking systems)

"[sending messages through satellite] works well, particularly going straight to [a mobile] phone."

   - Road Contracting Company Ops Manager, NT Australia

"Digicel coverage is expanding fast, even in the lowlands... [with towers installed] right next to runways... That is one reason why v2track will [be cost-effective] for PNG users"

   - PNG Flight Operations Manager

"We are finding the v2track features simple for new operators to learn/use, and v2track is more than fulfilling our vehicle tracking expectations."

   - Australia Trucking Fleet IT Contractor

"We have a system now that lets us monitor vehicle movements in real time from our homes or offices, [allowing] us to be pro-active rather than reactive and sends us detailed reports and reminders for road user charges, service dates and vehicle speeds when we want them."

   - Delivery Vehicle Fleet Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

..I'm grateful that [the plane] looks ok, and for v2track!"

   - Aircraft Operations Manager, NT, Australia (after monitoring an inflight emergency)

"..v2tracks capability to use the mobile phone network as the preferred comms method with satellite as backup [is] a very marketable feature."

   - Technical Advisor

"[the] system worked well today with us all being alerted to an emergency"

   - Aircraft Operations Manager, WA, Australia

"Love the history and plots... Awesome. How could someone not want this system in their aircraft."

   - New Zealand Aviation User